Fairview Primary School 
Values for Learning, Values for Life
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Our Vision:
A community for learning excellence, empowering individuals to become active and responsible citizens.
Our Mission:
To nurture and inspire the social, emotional and academic development of all to become ethical, engaged lifelong learners with high levels of efficacy.
Cultural Statement:  
At Fairview Primary we work collaboratively in our values driven environment that is respectful and supportive of all members of our school community.   We are an inclusive school that provides quality teaching and learning programs that challenge students and articulate learning pathways. Our staff is passionate and relentless in their pursuit of teaching excellence, striving to achieve continuous improvement.
About Us:
Fairview Primary School is situated in New Norfolk on the north-eastern or 'Boyer' side of the Derwent River, 35 km from Hobart. The core values of the school are Personal Courage, Mutual Respect, Positive Relationships and Community Spirit. These values reflect all stakeholders of the school (students, staff and parents) and are actively 'lived' by all. They form the basis of our extensive social skills teaching and learning program and enable us to develop well rounded individuals who have the skills and knowledge to thrive in an ever changing world. At Fairview we have a very strong focus on the wellbeing of all in our school community. This wellbeing and the development of our core values is central to all that we do.
At Fairview Primary all staff work hard to ensure that we have outstanding learning programs in place. Our whole school literacy and numeracy programs are of the highest standard, with teachers engaged in high quality, ongoing professional learning. We place a strong emphasis on explicit instruction and student learning data is used to tailor programs to meet the needs of individual students. Teachers work in grade group teams to refine, inquire and analyse their own and others' teaching practice. Each class has up to 10 hours of uninterrupted literacy teaching time and 5 hours of numeracy teaching time. The quality of these programs is reflected in the results that our students have achieved. We are very proud of the excellent levels of improvement being shown in both literacy and numeracy.
We offer a variety of extra curriculum areas with specialist Information Technology, Music, Band, Physical Education and Art lessons provided. The school plays an important role in the community by offering an extensive birth to age 5 programs that is open to all families. It is here we focus on developing positive relationships, support networks, life skills, caring communities and engagement with school. Fairview Primary School has small class sizes, modern facilities and large well equipped classrooms and grounds. We pride ourselves on being a key component of the local community and the source of quality teaching and learning programs. Fairview is a school where students feel safe, happy and above all valued - a great place to learn and grow.
Our Key Drivers:
Our Priorities:





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